• Shelly

Why Your Healing is Important

Today I spent half a day in CPR training. Afterwards, I found myself pondering on the importance of this critical procedure, and how it relates to #therapy. Soooo, you're the lucky winner of my inner dialogue! :)

"If the cabin loses pressure, air masks will drop from the ceiling. Please apply the mask to yourself first, and then help your neighbor."

You have probably heard this a thousand times on airplanes, and most people have become immune to it. We fiddle around, playing games on our cell phones. We read books or articles, or maybe we have already sunken into a deep slumber. The flight attendant is diligent, performing the instructions to the passengers as if it's his/her first time, yet very likely praying the flight will not require the use of the air masks since half the people weren't listening. It's a simple process, but it may not be so simple in a moment of chaos.