Make Stress your Super Power is an 8-week growth mindset group for high school girls.  Being a teen today is stressful.  There is "outside" noise like social media, family, friends, school, sheesh - life.


There's also "inside" noise that shows up in the form of thoughts and emotions, and sometimes this can be pretty loud. 

Both of these things combined can really pack a whammy on a sista and cause stress and anxiety to go through the roof.

This 8 week group presented by Inspire for Higher will help your teen get a handle on stress and learn to use it like gasoline in a car!

Teens learn to:

  • Build confidence by using stress as an advantage

  • Strengthen emotional regulation

  • Tame that inner critic

  • Use creative means to reduce stress and worry

  • Rewire your brain to handle life better

These topics are creatively addressed, enhanced and reinforced using music, movement, coaching, and implementation.

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If it's a "GREEN LIGHT" for you, a "NO BRAINER" that your daughter would definitely benefit from being a part of this Ah-mazing growth mindset group, then hit the "STEP 1" button below to complete the needs assessment, then the "STEP 2" button to reserve your teen's spot with your payment.


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