The Heal-in Journey

Therapy Intensive

Resolve the things that keep you wrapped up and feeling trapped.

Natural Remedies

Learn and use creative remedies to manage emotions, increase calm and feel more grounded

Longer healing sessions

Dedicated, focused. and longer time frame to work through identified challenges, or to build resources.

Mindful Movement

Use movement to express, release, and build.


The use of sound to ground, calm, and release.


Intensives for targeted trauma resolution or enhanced creativity/performance

Sometimes a 50-minute session is not enough. It seems like just as soon as you start going deep into what brought you in for therapy, you have to stop and wait until your next session.


Perhaps you find that you do not want to commit to weekly sessions because of scheduling conflicts, and, well, life, and you prefer to have several accelerated, longer sessions get to the root and heal, so you can move on with your life.  

The Heal-in Journey offers 4 to 8 hour intensives without interruption, so you can achieve more out of your sessions. 

The Heal-in Journey is a creative therapy intensive process designed for trauma resolution, increase motivation, or help you break through creativity/performance blocks

The Heal-in Journey is an in-person therapy intensive for individuals, but keep an eye out for groups in the near future.

Who would benefit from a Heal-in Journey Therapy Intensive? 

Those who:

  • Prefer to progress more rapidly than a once a week therapy 

  • Lack sufficient time to meet with a therapist weekly

  • Have an irregular or unpredictable schedule

  • Live in areas where integrative therapists/trauma specialists are unavailable

  • Prefer to see a therapist outside of your community

  • Want to thoroughly address a life challenge soon after it occurs

  • Want to keep your weekly therapist but work on a another more specific issue that is not being addressed in your weekly sessions or is outside the scope of your current therapist 

Why attend a Heal-in Journey Therapy Intensive?

  • To develop easy yet effective coping skills to manage life's experiences

  • To heal from  experiences, unhealed life wounds (past and present)

  • To work through grief or loss

  • To remove creative blocks and strengthen performance or creativity 

  • To improve sports performance

  • Gain a sense of empowerment over life's experiences

What is a Heal-in Journey Therapy Intensive Like? 

Heal-in Journeys are often scheduled over a weekend or over several weekends, depending on the identified goals, with time from periods ranging from 2.5 to 5-hour increments. Unless otherwise agreed upon, sessions are booked in 2.5 hour blocks. 

Each experience is customized, but generally includes: 

  • Psychotherapy session using Brainspotting or EMDR

  • Movement, drumming, and meditation experiences

  • Essential Oils to enhance healing, grounding, invigoration or relaxation

  • Ample breaks for journaling

  • Herbal tea, water, and light snacks for you to enjoy

For more information about fees or to schedule a 15- minute consultation for your in-person Heal-in Journey therapy intensive, please email or call 469-409-1212. ​

*The Heal-in Journey Therapy Intensives are available for cash/private pay.