Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the initial phone consultation?


Feeling comfortable with your counselor is a vital piece of the therapeutic process. During this consultation, we will briefly discuss the presenting challenges and the important decision (that first step) you've taken to schedule therapy. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about working with me. At the end of the consultation, we will decide the next step together.

How do I move past the stigma about mental illness and going to counseling?

Sometimes we as a society (friends, family, coworkers, and others) can make things difficult for others, with our opinions and thoughts and all. And it's not just related to mental illness or counseling - it's with a lot of things. It can seem like it's you against the world, and sometimes it is. So, how about we call a spade a spade. The stigma about mental illness may never go away, so don't let that stop you.


Remember this - the decision to seek help is a personal decision that you have to make. It's about your worth and what you need in this phase of your life. You move past the stigma by recognizing it's your life, your health, your mental state. You move past the stigma by recognizing that it's a personal decision, and other people's opinions are just, well, information. You get to choose what to do with the information. How do you move past the stigma that may never change? You borrow Nike's mantra - Just Do It. You may be surprised to find that support will come from unlikely places.    

How long will therapy last?

Therapy will be different for each person. It's impossible to say specifically how long therapy will last, however, most of my clients attend weekly therapy from three to six months to a year. There are lots of variables to this time frame, including the depth and/or severity of the challenges presented. We will work together to identify therapy goals during the first few sessions and assess your goals every three months. Know this - you will "graduate" from therapy because you will heal and develop tools to live a better life. 

Healing happens in layers. Through the therapy process, you will change and grow.

I'm ready to serve you.

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