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Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards

These cards can be used in multiple ways, personally or in a therapy setting with clients. These cards pair seemlessly with modalities like Brainspotting, EMDR, CBT, Narrative Therapy, IFS, and the list goes on.


Use your multi-cultural Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards to:


- Use for journal prompts

Provide space between you and the situation through the powerful tool of visualization.

- Identify and challenge negative thoughts

- Find solutions to your situation

- Calm or reduce stress and other symptoms

- Create a visual narrative of your new story

- Use cards for journal prompts

- Goal setting

- Identify positive resources

- Parts work

- Build creativity

- __________ (This space is for you. How do you see yourself using them?)

Why use the power of visualization?

- 20% of your brain is vision (occipital lobe)

- Vision can take you beyond words, or provide assistance when there are no words

- Vision fosters the imagination

- the eyes and the brain are intricately connected

-Vision is important for orienting you to both your external and internal environments

- Vision and signals from your eyes are deeply processed in the brain

- There is a connection between the visual, the brain, and the body.

Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards are visual brain-based cards that can be used in multiple ways. It all depends on your creativity.

Each set includes instructions, 52 colorful visualization cards, a list of feeling/emotions, exercises.  

Perfect for ages 8 and up.

$23.99 plus tax, S&H

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