The Calm Box

Feeling anxious? Worried? Overwhelmed? Nervous?


Then you need The Calm Box.

The Calm Box is a mindfulness tool that uses sound and visualization to help you settle your nerves and get you into a more relaxed state of mind so you can function better.

Some Calm Boxes have both a smooth and rough side for increased sensory effect.

19.99 plus tax, S&H 

Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards

These cards can be used in multiple ways and with multiple modalities like Brainspotting, EMDR, CBT, Narrative Therapy, IFS, and the list goes on.


Use your multi-cultural Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards to:


- Provide space between you and the situation through the powerful tool of visualization.

- Identify and challenge negative thoughts

- Find solutions to your situation

- Calm or reduce stress and other symptoms

- Create a visual narrative of your new story

- Use cards for journal prompts

- Goal setting

- Identify positive resources

- Parts work

- Build creativity

- __________ (This space is for you. How do you see yourself using them?)

Why use the power of visualization?

- 20% of your brain is vision (occipital lobe)

- Vision can take you beyond words, or provide assistance when there are no words

- Vision fosters the imagination

- the eyes and the brain are intricately connected

-Vision is important for orienting you to both your external and internal environments

- Vision and signals from your eyes are deeply processed in the brain

- There is a connection between the visual, the brain, and the body.

Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards are visual brain-based cards that can be used in multiple ways. It all depends on your creativity.

Each set includes instructions, 52 colorful visualization cards, a list of feeling/emotions, and breathing exercises.  

Perfect for ages 8 and up.

$23.99 plus tax, S&H

*Bonus - Receive a personalized 15-minute session using your Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards.

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