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Consultation & Supervision

Welcome to the Consultation & Supervision Hub!

Brainspotting Consultation Support

I recognize that the journey to becoming an exceptional therapist is ongoing, especially when you're learning a modality. My commitment to Brainspotting consultation is embedded in the belief that investing in your professional growth ultimately benefits both you and the individuals you serve.


Whether it's consulting about a case through the Brainspotting lense, or consultation to become a certified Brainspotting clinician, when therapists consult, everyone thrives.


LPC Supervision

As a mental health supervisor, I understand the vital role in shaping the professional development of new and emerging therapists. It's an honor to give back to the community in this manner.

We work together to discover and build upon your strengths and skills. We address and identify challenges together. Supervision is designed to uplift your practice, amplify your cultural competence, and empower you on your professional journey.

Conquering Progress Notes
Office Desk

Progress notes is the not so fun part of what we do, but it is, required.

Wouldn't it be great to log off at the end of the day, knowing you are current on your notes, so you can spend your free time truly being free?


I learned a lot working in an agency setting where there was an overload of clients and very little time; lots of pressure, and oh, and lots of deadlines.  Even through all of this, when I closed the books at the end of the day, ALL of my notes were completed. Yes, I said that - ALL of my notes were completed.

There were a few things I had to overcome mentally, and I had to put a system in place, but when I did, without the help of others mind you, I rocked it - consistently! And I still do today. When I tell you I am free - I am free!

Imagine spending time NOT thinking about session notes when you are outside of session.  

Listen, burnout is real, and the last thing you want to do is be on a slippery slope to exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, defeated, and burnt - out.

I'm sharing my process with YOU, and if you apply these tools, you are on your way to Conquering your Progress Notes and having more time for you.

If you're ready, click the link to get started, and hey, don't hoard your freedom and success, share the link with your fellow clinicians - we need to help each other, and honestly, it's a steal for 47 bucks! I have one question.



Why take this course?
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