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Introducing My Youtube Page featuring the "Black Bag Therapist"

You're invited! During the pandemic of #COVID19 I felt a sense of loss - loss of what was known, what was normal, and yes, what was to come. #COVID19 did a number on us all. It was a time of great revelation - that there are personal traumas, and then there are collective traumas. This is the latter.

I recognized that while sitting across from my clients, a part of me held some of the same questions, concerns, worries and fears. If there ever was a time when I connected to their pain, this was it!

I realized I lost a part of control. #COVID19 brought so many unknowns it has literally taken the breath out of us. I had to figure out a way to regain some of what was lost...

So I created a Mindfulness Garden, and I am inviting you to go on this journey with me.

You're probably asking what is a "Black Bag Therapist?" Well, I explain that in my intro, you can watch the video below, but to summarize, we all have experiences that have negatively impacted our lives. While ALL of our experiences are put in our black bag (think luggage), sometimes the negative experiences weight us down.

As the Black Bag Therapist, I help you learn to reframe, revise, revamp and reorganize those things in your Black Bag (called life), so you can live a life of wellness.

Using the process of my Mindfulness Garden, I take you on a journey,connecting my experiences to trauma, therapy, and the process of growth that can lead to a more fruitful life. You will find tidbits and tools that you can apply to your life, humor, and just plain ole me in my element. :)


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