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Creative Tools for Self-Care
(Made with you in mind - for therapists and personal use)

The power of visualization. Elevate your therapy sessions with our specially curated collection of visualization cards, designed to captivate and engage minds. Introduce the magic of therapeutic visualization to your clients, fostering relaxation, self-r4eflection, and emotional processing in a supportive environment.


Set the stage by encouraging clients to choose cards that resonate with their unique feelings and experiences. Explore vibrant and imaginative visuals, guiding clients through visualization exercises. 


Our customizable approach allows you to adapt sessions for different age groups, ensuring a safe and enjoyable therapeutic experience. Whether you're a seasoned therapist or just starting, integrate these visualization cards into your practice to create meaningful connections and lasting impact in the lives of the clients you work with.  


Helping to re-write experiences, challenge negative thoughts, find solutions, identify resources and ways to calm the nervous system, to build a more helpful narrative - all through visualization.

Re-Write Your Story Narration Cards (Teens and Adults)

  • 52 colorful, high resolution images. Each packet includes a card with feelings/emotions, and breathing exercises. 

  • Final price to include tax, shipping and handling will be processed at the end of the order. Items shipped within 48 hours after the order.

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