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3 ways to Increase Self-Esteem

Have you ever watched a movie that spoke volumes to you? Me too! I recently watched a movie called Alpha, and saw lots of great messages, but I want to specifically discuss 3 ways to help you increase self-esteem. You can find more info about the movie here.

The Backdrop

Here's the back story: There's a tribe of hunters, and each season they prepare to go out to hunt a heard of Bison they called "great beasts." It's what sustains them - food, clothing, shelter, etc. Prior to "the hunt," there's the preparation. Keda, the son of the tribal leader, is dealing with some major #insecurities. He's not sure he is good enough to take over. You see, when they go out for the hunt, it's dangerous. One hunt, one wrong move, can make the difference between life and death. That's a lot of #pressure - #internal and #external.

High Expectations

Keda has to manage his Father and the tribe's high expectations. After all, he's next in line to lead the pack. He needs to be perfect, have keen eyesight and strategies. He needs to show no fear - only strength. He needs to be skilled, no flaws, no mistakes - the expert hunter and leader. The tribe members questioned whether Keda had it in him to be a #leader - not by words, but by their looks and body language. He could feel their questioning eyes burning through his heart. He didn't feel strong, yet his father constantly reminded him, "Life is for the strong, it is earned not given."

Sometimes body language speaks louder than words, ya know what I mean?

Identity Crisis

Keda had two problems: First, he had a tender heart. He was loving, kind, and thoughtful. The thought of taking an animal's life terrified him. This was a major #conflict. How would the tribe eat? How would they build their homes and make clothes without performing this act? It was part of the culture, but he was different. He felt pressured. Second, he really didn't believe he could do it. I imagine he had some pretty sour conversations about his ability, or inability. You ever been there? He couldn't see beyond the #fear.

Low Self Esteem and Fear - the Power Combo

Low self esteem and fear. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. They feed off each other like the scum at the bottom of the ocean. Yea, they are like bottom feeders. They gobble up everything - the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the movie, at the very moment when it mattered, when the opportunity presented itself for Keda to break out and show the tribe what he was made of - he froze. He shut down, consumed by fear and terror.

To his demise, Keda was scooped up by the bison, thrown over the cliff, and left for dead...a real cliff hanger!

"Sometimes you have to find your self when you are by yourself" - Shelly Bates

This is the ah ha moment. There were several things Keda did that helped to change his #perspective and present identity of not being good enough, and having low #confidence, but I'm going to give you top 3 tips.