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When you feel hopeless and helpless, it is like every ounce of confidence has been sucked down into a black hole. It can be a very dark place.

You can't eat because you have no appetite. You find little to no enjoyment in the things you used to like. Everything seems blah.

You struggle to get out of bed, partly because you spend most of the night awake. You can't get a good night's rest. The part is you find it hard to get out of bed and face your world


You have just enough energy to give and do the bare minimum.

Things go unfinished - dishes, housecleaning, laundry - not today; not this week, maybe not ever.

Medication is helpful, but you continue to find yourself withdrawing socially.

You're not sure where your self-esteem went, but you've lost confidence in your abilities and your own worth.

It's affecting your life.  It's affecting your relationships. You need to find your motivation

So how can counseling help You?

The good news is that things are never hopeless, but it sure feels like they are, and sometimes it's hard to break out of the cycle. However, there are many things you can do to feel better and regain hope.

In counseling, you will learn to identify some of the factors that contribute to depression including family history and early childhood experiences. Everything has a root. Let's identify it to!


You will learn to use effective strategies to challenge those automatic thoughts that keep you in a negative loop and replace these thoughts so they are more productive and useful.

You will learn calming and relaxation skills to manage challenging situations, because, well, that's a part of life.

The great thing is that you can learn to incorporate these skills in all areas of your life to regain a sense of control.  

If you are ready to get a handle on depression, I stand ready to do the work with you.

It starts with a free 15-minute telephone consultation. Ready? Let's do this!

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