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Stress and anxiety can be debilitating. When unmanaged, your body goes into overdrive and you're ready to fight, run, or freeze.   

It's like you are on a runaway train going 100 miles an hour, and you feel it everywhere in your body.

Your heart pounds. You can't catch your breath. You go into full-blown panic mode, drenching in sweat.

You can't think. You can't function

You're stressed. You're afraid but part of you knows you don't need to be, but you can't stop it.

You're irritated, drained, and you can't control it.

It's hard to hang out with your friends because you're afraid you'll have a panic attack.

You find yourself thinking of the worst possible scenario, so it's safer to stay home.

You avoid places with lots of people or noise, and even when you want to relax, you can't.

It's exhausting and frustrating because you know that life is passing you by.

So how can counseling help You?


In counseling, you will learn to identify the triggers that cause stress and anxiety, and the mind/body connection. You didn't just wake up and magically become stressed an anxious. There is a root. Let's uncover it.


But it doesn't do any good to identify the cause if you don't have the tools to manage and reduce anxiety and stress. 

You will learn to use effective strategies to challenge the negative conversations you are having about yourself, and have more empowered and realistic convos.

You will learn calming and relaxation skills to manage challenging situations, because, well, that's a part of life.

The great thing is that you can learn to incorporate these skills in all areas of your life because stress and anxiety don't discriminate. These two are like gremlins. They don't die, they (the symptoms) multiply to consume your entire life.  

If you are ready to get a handle on stress and anxiety, I stand ready to do the work with you.

It starts with a free 15-minute telephone consultation. Ready? Let's do this!

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